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Girls’ Lives Transformed; God’s World Enriched!

  • Thankyou all so much for putting on a great night.  It was really relaxed and my daughter had a ball!  It's wonderful to be part of something that is bigger than what it feels like week to week, and it's great that you all put the effort into holding State events like the BBQ and Games night.  Thankyou! Letters from parents:

  • How exciting it was to see girls (who were just girls only 8 years ago) now living grown-up lives committed to seeking, serving and following Jesus through the ministry of Girls' Brigade!  It was a real spin out so see those grown up girls!  It's okay for me to grow up, but it's always a shock when other people do!Letters from parents:

  • Thankyou for continuing to serve the girls of Canberra through Girls' Brigade and let me encourage you (now as a parent of a girl), to keep going, look to Jesus for strength, inspiration and perseverance, and live lives of blessing to the girls you serve and the parents who watch on. Letters from parents:

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