In 2125-with-black-background018 Girls’ Brigade is turning 125 years old!

Help us celebrate

In Australia, we are celebrating this milestone in a couple of ways.

Our dream is to give every girl and leader in Girls’ Brigade a commemorative Bible. These Bibles have been designed specially to speak into girls lives with original devotions, stories of transformation and messages of encouragement from various Girls’ Brigade Leaders around the world.

We are also selling commemorative hoodies to help celebrate as well. Perhaps you’ve been in Girls’ Brigade before, perhaps you have girls in Brigade, perhaps you just want to look stylish, but anyone is welcome to purchase a hoodie to celebrate 125 years of Girls’ Brigade. The hoodies will be available for sale through the online shop.

How you can help:

  • Pray for each girl who will receive a Bible
  • Share the news
  • Buy a hoodie
  • Donate any amount to our Bible campaign


To purchase a hoodie click here

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One Bible $25 Two Bibles $40 Three Bibles $55 Other amount 

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