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From the National Commissioner – Marian Ashford
At Fono 2016, we had lots of fun dragon boat racing and the skilled ladies who have won several international championships, shared with us the importance of working as a team……

* Timing and technique are more critical than power and strength Dragon Boat
* There is no replacement for a talented steers person
* One person out of time can cost the race for the whole team
* You train long and hard for a short and intense race
* There is no “luggage” in the boat; everyone contributes
* Treat other teams with respect but don’t get distracted
* There is always more to learn
* The lead paddlers (strokes) set the pace
* You paddle as hard on a bad day as on a good day
* Teams win and teams lose, not individuals

Are we all in the same GBA boat?
All of the leaders in GBA need to be engaged in striving for the same vision: Girls’ lives transformed, God’s world enriched. We need to connect to each other and not be distracted from the main thing by little issues taking up our time and resources – especially things that are not sustainable and won’t see girls come to acknowledge Christ as Lord. It is coming to the time now, when all leaders around the country have to decide – do we want to align with GBA and its values ( a big dragon boat paddling together in the same direction) or would we rather be in our boat going our own way.

2 Timothy 2:13-15 (CEV)
13 If we are not faithful, he will still be faithful. Christ cannot deny who he is.” 14 Don’t let anyone forget these things. And with God as your witness, you must warn them not to argue about words. These arguments don’t help anyone. In fact, they ruin everyone who listens to them. 15 Do your best to win God’s approval as a worker who doesn’t need to be ashamed and who teaches only the true message.


GBA Branding
What do you see as the brand of GBA?branding

Many of you have been asked that question in the last few weeks as we begin a big overview of our brand.
Why is this important?
Heading into the future it is important to be united in our vision, mission and goals so that we can clearly show where we are, where we are going and who we are targeting.

Thank you to everyone who has answered surveys, sent emails and shared their thoughts. Here is what we have learnt so far:
* Most of you would like to see our vision statement (Girls’ lives transformed, God’s world enriched) at the forefront of our organisation.
* Most of you would like to see a logo incorporating the crest to represent GBA.
* Most of you would like to have one uniform to bring unity across Australia.
* Most of you would like to have access to unified advertising and information documents.

Over the next six months, we are hoping to put all of your thoughts and ideas into place and come up with a unified approach to showing GBA to churches, girls, parents and leaders. We have begun this with the roll out of Office 365, giving all Captains, Commissioners and others in key roles in GBA, a generic and unified way to do our communication and access all our information. Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, our website and your emails for more information on other things that will be rolling out soon! We would love to hear from you – if you have ideas and/or want to be part of the journey, contact the National Administrator, Rochelle


Living in our Community – GB WA
GBWA-1In 2015 the WA State Council discussed their desire to see GB WA have a more missional mindset in line with GB World wide’s vision to see ‘Girls’ lives transformed, God’s world enriched.’ They wanted their girls and leaders to understand the issues that girls and women face in developing countries. They also wanted them to be exposed to the conditions that those living in poverty face, to help them understand how materially rich Australians are, and how they can make a practical difference in the lives of girls living in poverty.
To this end the Council organized and ran a Fun Day on 28th May, in partnership with Compassion, with the aim of increasing awareness of the value of child sponsorship and encouraging people within the GB and broader community to sponsor children. The day included a bike ride, face & nail painting, cards of hope, apple bobbing and a whole range of other family fair type activities. A total of 10 children GBWA-2were sponsored through the event. If 30 are sponsored, Compassion will facilitate a field experience to enable sponsors to meet their sponsor children, an exciting opportunity worth pursuing.
If you would like to read the full report, contact the National Administrator, Rochelle at the office, for copy to be emailed:


From the National Chaplain – Natalie Koutsos
Christ-like community…

Jesus was all for an earthy network of community. He knew that together in number is where the accountability happens and with that comes great support to be effective in ministry. Jesus spent three years with his core disciples. He ate with them, walked with them, he did life with them. He had chosen them and then he commanded them to go out, to follow in his footsteps to create communities around the whole world. In the great commission, Jesus sent them out to go and make disciples; go and be a catalyst of community building in God’s name.

communityWe see in the book of Acts the early church example of the way they did community. The same model Jesus showed and displayed is seen to be carried out in the early stages of the church. Acts 2:44-17 we see a community of new believers that did life together. Together they shared everything. As believers they gathered together in the temples to worship God. They ate together in fellowship in their homes, shared their supplies with joyful hearts and the praise they gave to God was with grateful hearts.

Through the enriching of God’s word, they went out into the world and help set the world on fire by sharing the gospel and having their action reaffirm the message. From this we see that God added to their number daily. This tight knit community was the very heartbeat of God’s mission in the world. In their display of God’s love to man, the community around them saw real life transformations which made them take notice and see, wanting to belong to them.

Seeing this example, it made me think of us as GBA. Are we like this community of believers in our companies/groups, regions and states, that shows the world God’s great love? Seeing this passage it shows us, as believers, that we, too, can be unified in our community of mission. We, too, can be sharing of resources, caring in nurturing, fellowshipping over a meal, praying for each other and joyful in giving in service to help transform lives. We as leaders need to be connecting to the greater vision and mission of GBA to help communicate the message to this lost and hurting world of girls.

How do you see this early churches example becoming the missional heartbeat in your company/group, region or state? Together in unity as community we can help set this world on fire like the early church.

From the Interim Board
GBA values COMMUNITY, the idea that we belong to a group with similar ideas, values and attitudes: a group of people who accept you and develop positive relationships to help you grow.

Belonging to a GBA company means you belong to lots of different communities with the GB family.
You belong to a State body and possibly a Region within the State; you belong to the GB Australia family, and wider still the GB International family.  This sense of belonging and community is one of our core values.

When the Interim Board was asked to develop a new constitution based on the governance structure accepted by
National Conference 2015, it wanted to make sure the document reflected the GBA Vision, Aims and Core Values.
With this in mind the Interim Board will be recommending that GBA restructure as a Company Limited by Guarantee which is the recommended way for national bodies such as GBA.
This will mean:
* that each State body will be a member of GBA,
* that girls and leaders will continue to belong to GBA through their State body, and
* all will continue to be represented at National Council and National Conference by their State Commissioner.

A draft constitution has been drawn up and the board is now discussing the different questions that arise as part of how this new structure will actually work.
The Interim Board meets 4 – 6 weekly by Skype and would really appreciate your prayers as it prepares this document.

Core values
Core Value
Community- we promote a sense of COMMUNITY and belonging within our companies and churches

God wants community for us. The scripture is clear: If we want to experience God’s presence, we are seek Him through His word, through the power of His Holy Spirit, and also through relationships with other people. More often than not, the way you get hugs from God, and he way you feel His presence is from people because He lives inside of people that love Him.
Jesus said, “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another even as I have loved you.” And then He said, “It’s by this the world will know that the Father has sent the Son.” This is how we love one another, which takes time and commitment!

Christian community is simply sharing a common life in Christ. It moves us beyond the self-interested isolation of private lives and beyond the superficial social contacts that pass for “Christian fellowship.” The biblical ideal of community challenges us instead to commit ourselves to life together as the people of God.

We know all too well that our maturity takes time. We know less well that it also takes our sisters and brothers in Christ time, too. It’s a process that is revealed in the “each other” language of the New Testament: Love one another, forgive each other, regard each other more highly than yourselves. Teach and correct each other, encourage each other, pray for each other, and bear each other’s burdens. Be friends with one another, kind, compassionate, and generous in hospitality. Serve one another and submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. This list just scratches the surface, but it is enough to remind us that we need the community of faith to grow up in Christ.

Casual Unif Navy LogoLast month we talked about the Core Value of PARTNERSHIP and concluded: “if GB is truly Biblical, it will be centered on partnerships – not on programs or projects. Our lives and ministries will be clearly focused on people rather than on programs if we are authentic servant leaders.” The same is true of COMMUNITY: if GB is truly Biblical, it will be centered around community… our lives and what we do in GB will be clearly focused on building community and a sense of belonging to the girls in our care and the leaders who share their lives with the girls.


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